Texas Court House Criminal Records

Texas court house criminal records
Is this enough evidence for father custody in Texas?

My Lawyer and I have filed a “Motion to modify parent child relationship” Asking to be Custodial Parent.

Her Character:
1. 4 kids 4 different dads with new husband (5 men)
2. No job or Education
3. Lives in Housing Projects
Criminal Record:
1. She has been arrested for Child Endangerment
I have all police records/reports and documentation
2. Proof of Contempt of court ( police incident reports)
3. Been investigated by CPS 5 times in 8 years.
4. Documentation of her new husbands 2 DWI’s and 1 possession of marijuana. My son says her husband gets drunk and fights with his mom.
Medical Records:
1. Admitted to Hospital for Dehydration (neglect)
2. Chin laceration(Child not being supervised)
3. Impetigo (skin infection from bad hygiene/neglect)
There are little details left out that reflect back to her negative character. All this versus:
1. Stable Job (Nurse)
2.No criminal Record
3.Married for 6 yrs
3.4bdrm home
4. Good school system

If these are the actual facts without omissions and you can prove all your claims, then you shouldn’t have a problem getting custody of the child. Good luck.

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