Texas County House Records

Texas county house records
I am going to juvenile court. I need help?

Hi, a few months ago i was at my friends house and we were messing around and i got on his computer and started posting things on his friends’ statuses on facebook. Well i posted “im gonna rape you” on this girls status but quickly deleted it, but her mom saw and took a picture of it while she had the chance. So the police talked to me at school and now after 2 months when i thought it was over, i have to go to Collin County (in texas) juvenile court. Do you think im going to get more than a few hours of community service? Or maybe just a warning? What do you think will happen to me? I have a clean record and i get amazing grades in school.

your mother is stupid for giving it to the police. anyway girls rape a white guys
chance of a job everyday. til girls learn to play fair and do reverse discrimination
against a girl apply for jobs it will continue

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