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Do you still have to pay school tax on your income, even if you pay school tax through your property tax?

I always paid my school tax on my income, before buying my first ever property or home. Now, that my mortgage company pays my school tax along with my property tax, do I still have to pay school tax on my income? I am very much confused on this and everyone I talk to doesn’t seem to know anything or they tell me to go here and go there. Plus, I don’t see any information online related to this even though I spent a lots of time online searching.

I live in Gateway School District in Monroeville, pa.

Even if it is going to be a late payment, I don’t want to end up paying $900.00 for only $100.00 school tax.

Any answers or help will be greatly appreciated.

In PA, yes. Different states have different tax systems, but in PA the schools are supported both by property taxes and also by a portion of the local wage tax and per capita tax. So yes you have to pay it.

I live maybe 20 miles north of you, in a different school district, but pay multiple school taxes although the property one is largest. Isn’t PA great?

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