Texas Court Marriage Records

Texas court marriage records
my husband arrested on 3 year old warrant?

sorry if this gets long.
i am so frightened at the steep charges my husband is facing. apparently he had a warrant issued in texas from 3 years ago for assaulting a man and then assaulting a police officer. the warrant also says he resisted arrest at the scene and did not appear in court.
i know he lived there nearly 4 years ago but did not know about this. the police said he has a rather clean record and that he only has one assault and battery charge he was convicted of in 2004.
is it possible that maybe they have the wrong man? he had a very common first/last name before i married him.
if he is guilty, will he go to prison? this will truly ruin my marriage.
he is 26 and we not live in downtown michigan.
we now live*

Prison for assault on a cop.

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