Pinal County Government

Do you think enough is enough now that the Mexican Drug Cartel has placed a “green light” hit?

On Az. elected Sheriff in Pinal County Az.? How is it possible for our government ignore the illegal immigration issue as the Mexicans now threaten our elected officials in the US as this screwed up DOJ sues the State of Az?

Most people in America do not appreciate the level of terror and chaos that exists in Arizona…. it is literally a “war zone”….. This “green light” hit has been verified by non-Arizona legal authorities….it is a credible threat…. much to his credit Sheriff Babau has refused to allow the county to provide a security detail…. he says county funds need to be spent on protecting ALL the county citizens not just him.

This Federal suit and the other lawsuits that are sure to come from the ACLU and other myopic organizations are in themselves a crime…… they will cause a financial burden on all of our citizens…..lower our security level ….. and endanger both Mexicans and Americans

Notice that the Federal lawsuit mentions NOTHING about discrimination or racial profiling….. it’s sole charge is that the Arizona law duplicates Federal law… does not even claim it is in conflict…. just that the states should not duplicate Federal law….

If the Federal government FAILS to enforce their law…..if state citizens are being threatened and murdered…. Are you trying to say the state CAN NOT protect itself….. THIS IS LUDICROUS

It is unwinable ….. so why does the Federal government file a case it can not win??
Because they can outspend the state…..cost the state so much money other states will be intimidated from passing their own immigration laws…. it is Federal economic blackmail

BUT….surprise 14 other states are lining up to support Arizona….. maybe this is the issue that will bring the Federal government BACK to the Constitution…. force them out of state business

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