Tx Birth Records

I’m having trouble getting medical records for my deceased husband in LA. Who can I contact? Help!?

He died at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport in late December. I was out of town and he was taken there after a car accident and died 10 hrs. later. I do know that surgery was performed, and he died shortly after. I’ve made numerous attempts, filled out release forms (even drove there from Houston, Tx to sign in person. At this time I’m requesting once again along with certificate of death, marriage license, birth certificate of our son, social sercurity papers for surviving spouse. Who can I contact to help in this matter. Surely there are laws that give me the right to this information. Thank you in advance for any information.

Were you the Personal Representative or Executor of your husband estate? I presume that it went through Probate unless he had a living trust. If you served as PR, you should have something like Letters Testamentary or some other legal paperwork naming you PR of his estate. This document is basically your “authority” for gathering information and acting on behalf of the estate. If you’re not the PR, whomever is would probably be the better person to request the records (as backwards as that sounds). The court document, together with the Death Certificate and an authorization to release information, should get you the documents you need. Be sure to address it to the medical records department. Also, be prepared to pay $$ to get the records. They’ll very likely make you pay before you get the records.
If all else fails, go back to your attorney. A letter on firm letterhead can go a long way. Best of luck.

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