Texas Public Criminal Record

Texas public criminal record
Can Universities disclose your personal information to others?

This is the deal:

Texas State University just sent a mass email (about 50) to students reminding them to transfer their credits from any other college/high school/university. It listed everyone’s NAME, ADDRESS, and Texas State ID number.

I am livid, because I have a right to my privacy. I am also extremely paranoid about my private information becoming public. I have an ex-husband who (has an extensive criminal record) threatened to kill me and take my children. He does not have rights over the children anymore – they were terminated. But as you can see, I am very cautious as to who I give my address out to. Can they give my personal info out like that? I have informed them that I will be filing a formal complaint.

Any information would be helpful. I am having a hard time finding helpful info online. THANKS!

Yes, that’s perfectly legal. You may not like it, but you can’t do anything about it. So long as they don’t give out anything that is mandated to be confidential by state or federal law, they are welcome to share anything they want with anyone they want.

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