Texas Archives Records

Texas archives records
Is Obama’s open hostility toward states that did not vote for him the way a President of the U.S. should act?

If your state voted for Obama your state is 8 times more likely to get a Presidential speech.

Obama has delivered 4 times more speeches in Foreign countries then in states won by McCain.

When Tennessee had record flooding – Obama ignored them


A prime example is NASA – With the end of the Shuttle program tens of thousands are being laid off in both Texas (voted McCain) and Florida (voted Obama). To help soften the blow Obama administration is giving $15 million to help – guess what the split is between Texas and Florida – 100% to Florida and Texas gets ZERO. Same agency, same exact reasons for layoff, same exact types of jobs – yet zero for Red state and 100% for Blue state.

Is this the way a President should govern?

Is he suppose to be the President for only those states whom supported him?

Will it be no big surprise when none of these states support him in 2012?

It takes courage and strength to go the extra mile to speak in a state that clearly didn’t want you as president. Two things which Obama lacks. He is openly hostile towards states that he didn’t win during the presidential election. He doesn’t want to work together with republicans in a peaceful manner. He doesn’t want the illegal immigration law enforced because he would loose a lot of illegal voters. He is even trying to make it legal for prisoners to vote. He wants to liberalize, socialize and Europeanize America.

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