Texas Courthouse Record

Texas courthouse record
Oil, gas and mineral lease records?

Where does one start when trying to chase down 50 years of lease records? Is there a paper line of custody at the county courthouse?

The property is in Texas and has been in the family for generations. How do you know if the oil company pumping is following the terms of the contract. In other words, how do we find out what the lease contract says?

We’re only interested in the most recent lease, as it has gone from one company to another constantly for all these years.

The lawyer we’ve been working with doesn’t seem to be inclined to pursue the matter and just want us all to the sign the dissolution order, pay him, and go away.

Sooo…….to make a short story longer is there any self-help recommended?

mineral right ownerships can often be very difficult to determine, unless your family owns 100% of the rights. Find out your legal description, then go to the County Recorder’s office to check filings of instruments under that legal. Start at the most current and go back. Every transaction that has happened with that legal description will be on the records (deeds, mortgages, liens and leases). Once you find the lease, ask for a copy to be made, probably for a small fee.

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