Texas Clear Criminal Record

Texas clear criminal record
Will my baby’s dad go to jail for statutory rape?

Ok so here’s the rundown… I was 14 at the time and I got pregnant by a 21-year old. I kept my baby and I was constantly harrassed by the fact of how old his father was. So, eventually I pressed charges because I felt pressure from my mom. In the statement they ask you everything involved with how the crime took place and at the end they asked me what kind of degree of sentencing would I want him to get. I told them probation. I spoke with his sister and she thinks he will be getting jailtime of 2-5 years. My baby’s dad had a long record but before I pressed charges on him he got his record cleared. I don’t believe that he has another charge like this. If anyone knows the processes of criminal law in Texas for this type of crime (statutory rape) please answer! thanks

It’s entirely possible. You should also be aware that when your baby gets older and realizes what happened, he’s probably going to hate you for putting his father in jail. And if you put him in jail, that’s going to prevent him from being able to get a good job, and that’s going to prevent him from being able to support your baby.

The guy probably does deserve to go to be punished, because he shouldn’t have been dating you. But frankly, you shouldn’t have been dating him either. And putting him in jail isn’t going to help you any. Statutory rape charges are usually pressed when the sex didn’t result in a child who will be hurt by the charges.

You ought to put the baby up for adoption. Your judgment is so horrible that you shouldn’t have children. Even if it was better, you’re too young to be raising a kid. And even if you weren’t, it will hurt the kid to not have a father in his life.

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