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Where could I find a land survey of my property?

Is there a government agency that would have this record on file here in Marion County , Florida?

I’ve checked with the local property appraiser’s office, all they had was a parcel number and sub division info and location on a map. I’m trying to find the property lines.

The plain and simple answer is that there may NOT be a survey of your property whcih shows your unique property.

Your best single bet is the City and then the COunty building departments. If your land has been improved (built on) odds are good that a survey was required.

Your next best bet is to talk to the neighbors. After all its their property line(s) too and they may have had a survey done and kept the records.

Your next option is to look for a property corner and determine if it bears the license number of the surveyor. In most states, the surveyor must set his license number on the property corner and you can get the surveyors name and address from your state license agency. If he is alive he may be able to provide the records (he may not.. they belong to his client). If he has passed on, his records may be archived somewhere.

lacking any of these your ultimate source is to hire a surveyor to do the research and, if needed, establish your boundary lines.

good luck


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