Texas Archive Records

Texas archive records
Is there any comprehensive, reliable history of cult leader Jim Jones’ whereabouts/activity during the 1960s?

Does anyone know if Jones and his wife traveled to/stayed in Gulf Coastal Texas for any amount of time during (probably) 1966? While archiving records for a Baptist church in that area, I have recently come across a photo of a couple which joined the Congregation briefly in 1966 whose resemblance to a 12-years-younger-than-Guyana Jones and known photos of his wife, Marceline is downright haunting. There are other details of the couple’s submitted info which dovetail perfectly with published biographies…some which contradict. Did Jones join any Texas Churches during this time possibly under slight variations of his real name and was he possibly traveling with children who don’t appear to be mentioned in subsequent biographies?

If you are in Texas I would recommend the Baylor University library system as a place to start in Waco. Between their Moody Library, Jesse H. Jones library, and the Texas Collection I would bet you could find what you’re looking for. If not, they have the research tools to help you find it somewhere else. You could also try the library at Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth, but Baylor would probably have more to offer.

Why Baylor and not some other college in Texas? Because Baylor has a sigificant program of study devoted to cults and false religions. This was stepped up after the events of the Branch Davidian debacle near Waco in 1993.

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