Texas Bankruptcy Records

Texas bankruptcy records
Do illegals have the right to steal jobs and identitiy from U.S. citizens if for better life make it ,ok?

Last week, police in Flemington, New Jersey, arrested Elba Cruz, 31, after it was determined that she had been using a stolen Social Security number while working at a McDonald’s restaurant.

The fraud was discovered after a California man was informed by the IRS that he could not file for bankruptcy because someone else was using his Social Security number.

According to Flemington Police Detective Michael Mariaschin, the Mexican national was also fraudulently using a resident alien number that belongs to a legal resident in Texas.

Cruz is charged with two counts of using the personal identity of another person, two counts of impersonation of another person and one count of falsifying government records.

The illegal alien is currently being held in the Hunterdon County Jail. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have been notified.

When 20 million people from Mexico descend on USA without papers, skills, money, education or command for the language it shows a huge lack of respect for the country they sneak into. “Seeking a better life” is really GREED and is a huge eraser eliminating the ability to determine right from wrong.

They will scream racist in court and stand a chance of getting away with it all.

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