Texas Online Background Check

Texas online background check
Can I search to see if someone has a warrant for his arrest?

My mother just got married to a guy who seems to be trouble (and who she’s only known for a few months). I’ve never met him, but he was was arrested in Iowa in February and now is apparently being detained in Illinois because of a warrant in Texas. Really gets around.

I’m not convinced my mother is getting the whole story. Is there a database somewhere that I can search for outstanding warrants? I’d prefer to do a quick search for free that would tell me if he has outstanding warrants, in which state(s) and for what offense. I’m not completely opposed to paying a small fee for a background check, but don’t know where to go for that since I’m sure there are a million online scam sites that SAY they do background checks.

Actually, its easy and free to find search warrants in Texas. I found this short article that will direct you to the right website. good luck

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