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Back pay and MyPay (ARNG)?

To give a little background:
I have been in the Texas Army National Guard since 25AUG2007. I started out as a ROTC cadet and enrolled in the SMP (Simultaneous Membership Program), which would have me getting SGT’s pay from day one. It is now 9FEB2009, and I have not received any (I say again, ANY) pay. This has been a long and hard process (that has even involved a congressional inquiry), and now I am supposed to finally receive my pay in two days. However, I still cannot login to MyPay (it says my SSN isn’t in their records; they may not have received my pay information, etc.).

Is it normal to receive pay before you are able to login to MyPay? If not, how can I fix this?

I can look at my pay days in advance to see what I’m getting. I would say that it is abnormal, but the entire story is abnormal. Good luck.

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