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Requesting permission to use “We Thank You “in our program.?

I am asking permission to use the song “We Thank You” from your TOP 25 SONGS OF FAITH AND FREEDOM 4 KIDS album
in our second grade school program. It is going to be a program about the beginning of our country and the role service people play in our freedom. This is a low budget project and I will be writing the script myself.
Also, if the children do well in singing their songs, I would like to record their voices on a CD and let them purchase them at $5.00 each for their own use. We would expect to sell about
30 – 40 CDs.
Would you give us permission to do that as well?
Thank you very much for considering my request.

Sincerely yours
Laura Stephens cradleB@sbcglobal.net
Music Teacher at Tierra Blanca Elementary School
Hereford, Texas

Sure, I give you permission. Have fun!

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