Texas Finding Marriage Records

Texas finding marriage records
does anyone think any of these items may be of any value or historicaly significant? ?

i have found the following items and more. i need ideas of what to maybe do with them. anyone have any ideas? they are as follows:
a 1885 family bible with the familys marriage records for quite a few generations.
a 1978 texas newspaper clipping about John Waynes surgery where his stomach (because of cancer) had been removed.
1943-1946 newspapers covering WW2 that came from bases overseas, some are stars and stripes papers.
World War 2 war ration books full of ration stamps.
an old railway bank money bag.
railroad train operators handbooks from the 1930s.
G. I. Joe card game.
World War 2 various documents and papers, some are german weapons to be released to a U.S. soldier.
a 1896 check like promise to pay certificate, looks like a personal check.
I have more things I would like to find info about, but if anyone can help with these, it would be greatly apreciated.
no guns, just the documents of release of them.

the family bible might be of interest to a local historical society… not much $$$

the newspaper clipping? nah

the WW2 newspapers and documents and papers would be of interest to a collector…. maybe a few $$$

The weapons also, but be careful selling these…. they may be considered to be illegal handguns…..

the ration books are a HOT item….

railway money bad and train operators handbook – a collector would buy them.

GI Joe card game, IF it is in good shape on ebay could get a few $$$

the 1896 check, again, an historical society, but consider it a donation.

Just about any ‘old’ item has value to someone, but you should be careful about anyone who approaches you to buy it all in a “lot”… they have ways of knowing the real value and you will get a paltry sum out of it……

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