Texas Deed Records

Texas deed records
Looking for the Prairie Hill area between Leonard, Tx and Celeste, Tx. It’s not on the map.?

There was some farmland owned by my family until at least the 1950’s. It was referred to as the Prairie Hill farm or house. It was somewhere in the area of the Leonard/Celeste, Texas area. I would like to know if it is recorded in a deed somewhere.

your issue is that Celeste is on the far west side of Hunt co, while Leonard is in Fannin county. If your family owned land, it is definitely likely to be recorded. You have to find the county, and know that land records are not going to be online, except in limited circumstances. Many older communities don’t show up on modern maps, which is not to say that other maps or references don’t exist out there.
If I might suggest another approach.. you can post the name of the family member, and we can look for that family in the census. This identifies the county that needs to be worked. Another idea… do you know the name of a cemetery where they are buried?
If you want.. send an email with the name and date, preferably of family member who died before 1975. I’ll be happy to look up death certs (they are at www.familysearch.org, in some cases), which would specify a cemetery. If the family was the ORIGINAL grantee on the land, there are maps to show those locations.
it is listed on this page…

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