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Texas court people search
Can a school tell me if my children are enrolled there?

My ex moved my children from Wisconsin to Texas in 2001 The last time I saw them was 2002 Everytime I try to track them down she moves the last time I heard from her regarding them was November 2004 when she supposedly was moving back to IL What I have been able to find out is that she did indeed move to IL but went to Texas in April of 2005 I think I may have found them through the people search on the internet. But I don’t want her running around the countryside with the kids. If I contact the schools would they be able to tell me if they were there. I don’t want to cause any trouble I just want to know that they are being taken care of and are in school They are 11 and 12. There are no court orders or junctions against me. She is just a very disturbed individual who thinks the law does not pertain to her and that she can just take my child support and not let me have anything to do with the children. I miss them and am very concerned for them.

no, I’m sorry hun….but, reguardless if your a parent..The school is not allowed to give out any information reguarding a student. if she has put your name on any kind of list, such as: not allowed to pick up the kids, or no contact of any kind….it’s illegal for the school to give you any information.

I know this because my kid’s school has a list like this. & it’s encluded in the enrolement forms. (I’ve put a couple of names on this list, myself.)

It’s none of my buisness why she’s running from you. But, I feel like you are aren’t going to get anywhere with out a lawyer.

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