Texas Death Jail

Texas death jail
Do you feel the press contributed to the death of Texas teen who jumped from a cruise ship?

I read that he was the victum of a beating by guys at a party. He was Mexican/American. He was beaten, sodomized with a pole from a beach umbrella & had bleach thrown on him all for making a pass at one of the kid’s 12 year old sister (who was even at this party why?) This took place over 5 hours. Anyway, it was greatly publicized in Texas & he said he felt like everyone was looking at him where ever he went & knew all the details of what happened. Everyone thought he was handling things fine but he jumped from a cruise ship & died. I wonder if it had not been so publicized if things would have been different. I cannot imagine how he felt. I say the press had a hand in his demise. They just have to cover every little minute detail and don’t care how it hurts or embarasses someone. He also underwent 30 operations

I also heard that one of the 18 year old kids that did this is now facing a 90 year jail term. I wonder how funny he thinks it is now. His whole life waste

So often I’m struck by the lack of sensitivity by the media in relation to the welfare of victims. Every journalist should think about the results of their reporting and weigh that against their right to report. Unfortunately, in today’s society, the air of competition for stories overcomes any compunction they may feel toward getting the story, “and getting it first.”

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