Texas Criminal Record

Texas criminal record
Texas: can I get my criminal record sealed?(details inside)?

I am a lifelong resident of Texas. I am 35. I have 3 shoplifting misdemeanors on my record from when I was having a mental problem. I went on meds for mental problem (zoloft), and haven’t had the compulsion to steal since. It has been a year.

Is there any way I can get my criminal record sealed? Very difficult to be law-abiding, productive citizen when I cannot get a decent job, and the criminal record I have is keeping me from getting a decent job. I never want to be a criminal again, but things are looking very bad at this point.
Comeback, I said that when I went on the medicine, I ceased to have the compulsion to shoplift.

Please read the thing again.

You are the one who is being immature.

You should consult a lawyer. Every state is different. I think there is a minimum amount of years since the misdemeanor before you can do it.

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