Texas Civil Criminal Records

Texas civil criminal records
I need urgent help on information about my speed ticket!?

I was going 60 on a 30 mile zone because i had loud music playing and didnt realize i was going that fast than a policeman pulled me over ( he had a mustang so he looked like a civil) i got my license almost 6 months ago and im under 17 and my ticket doesnt have any fees on it and he told me to go to court in 8/11 what am i suppose to do and will my license be taken away? by the way i have no criminal record or any kind of ticket yet and have a pretty pricey insurance allready (allstate) please be specific to tell me what to do and what not to and i live in texas el paso

Most of the time, you can get a lawyer to handle the ticket for you. You will still have to go to court, possibly more than once, and you may end up paying the ticket, but most of the time, they can get you off in one of these ways:

1. The cop doesn’t show up and the ticket gets dismissed
2. The judge finds in your favor for whatever reason (not likely)
3. The judge assigns you deferred adjudication where you promise to not get a ticket in his jurisdiction for a period of time, after which he will dismiss your ticket. There are fees etc you will have to pay.
4. Judge allows you to take defensive driving after the completion of which, he dismisses your case (there are fees involved with this).

You are going to be out some money, but you can probably keep it off your record.

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