Texas Background Check Search

Texas background check search
Background Check Question?

I have a computer illiterate friend that asked me to search about Background checks for her, but I’ve failed to find what I’m looking for. Apparently she has an active warrant in Texas, for a bad check. It’s only a few hundred dollars so I don’t think it’s a felony from what I’ve read, it’s a misdemeanor but she’s just recently had to quit her job. The place she’s applying to now told her they had to do a background check if offered a position. Now she has a clean record here in California, has never even gotten a speeding ticket. She was asking me whether or not most companies do background checks just for one state or if it’s nationwide.

Does it just vary greatly from company to company or do most companies do one or the other?

I told her she should just get it cleared up ASAP, which she said she will after she gets the job, until then she can’t afford the check and all the court fees..

When companies do background checks they ask you to sign a waiver to release information. They usually do background check for the state that you reside in as long as she has lived there six months or longer she might be ok. I would suggest to your friend to pay the hot check off in Texas, if she is pulled over by a state trooper they run national searches to see if you have and outstanding warrant. City police will only do by municipal (city) that you live in. She could possibly make payment arrangements with the county that she has the misdemeanor in. All she has to do is call them, by the way Texas is very strict I live there and work there they mean business!!! I don’t want to see your friend get put in jail for something minor. Best of luck!!!!

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