Texas Warrant Records

Texas warrant records
I was arrested in Texas, where I live, for a speeding ticket that went to warrant. is this a misdemeanor?

I had forgot about the ticket. I was arrested for it when an officer pulled me over on the road. I was bailed out of jail and paid the ticket in full with cash using the bond money. Will this be a misdemeanor on my record? If so, what class misdemeanor? Will this show up on a background check? I am mainly concered with it showing up on a background check.

The ticket is an infraction, not a misdermeanor. However, the failure to appear is a misdermeanor – but once you appear and pay the ticket you can move that the court dismiss the charge. Then all your convicted of is the infraction. Are you sure that the ticket was for just speeding, or was it racing? Usually cops don’t care about warrants for minor traffic infractions, however, racing is not an infraction that could be a high misdermeanor, even a felony. Anyway, move that the court dismiss the failure to appear once you see the judge.


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