Texas Public Access Records

Texas public access records
The states / major cities are the police reports public records car accidents?

If the records are partially "open" that the media please let me know. "Closed" bug reports documentation would be those that are open only to victims of accidents, their lawyers or insurance companies involved. I am only interested in the United States. Already Know that Louisiansa, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee records are open for bug reports. Some states, like Texas and Kentucky have certain access restrictions. In Pennslvania that seem to vary COURTS. Pete: In some states bug reports are not publicly available after 30 days. I want to know that states do not have to wait 30 days. Open the public to understand from the report will be available to those involved in the accident. Some make them available in the United States after waiting 30 to 60 days. I'm just interested in police reports of car crash accident.

All police reports are open to the public, but only after the investigation and prosecution – if any – is over, or in the case of a minor.

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