Texas National Death Record

Texas national death record
Was Mark Stroman's historical record speed to Execution, a result of Being too White?

Less than 10 years to Execution in Texas? Right next door in Oklahoma, I read That There Are 2 Mexican Nationals, Who Have Their Death Sentences Commuted HAD to Life, for Committing multiple murders. With the help of Mexican Drug Lords Democrat and Amnesty International. Why American Citizens are put to Death, while Illegal Aliens Who come to murder, get a Democrat Party Pass.

Oklahoma I Had No Idea Was a blue state. Somehow, I think it Will come as quite a shock to the people of Oklahoma as well. As for Why are American Citizens put to death, maybe You Should Ask the governor of Texas and the good people of Texas. So are you Saying Stroman Should not Be put to death Because He's white or do you oppose the death penalty Simply?

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