Texas Get Public Records

Texas get public records
If you get warned by an officer for lewdness in public is it on your record in the state of texas?

Last year me and my boyfriend used to go to a park by our house to study. Every afternoon these two old ladies would walk by and stare us down. One day I gave my boyfriend a hug next to his car before he left and one of them shouted “HEY!” We looked and they where just looking at us so we were like “Hey back!”.
The next time we went a police officer walked up to us and asked for our I.Ds. She started lecturing us about “doing it in public”. We told her we came by to study every week and we weren’t doing anything but sitting. She told us that there where two witnesses (hmm i wonder who they where…) and she believed them. Since it was our “first offense” she let us off with a warning. Needless to say we never go to that park anymore.
I’m asking bc I am applying for a Radiology program and they said if you have any “misdemeanor convictions related to moral turpitude” you wont be considered for clinical rotation.

No, if she didn’t give you a ticket there is nothing on your record.

Very smart not to go back to that park.

Good Luck with the job.

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