Texas Free Online Background Check

Texas free online background check
Where can I find free texas criminala background checks online?

please give me a website address
I found the answer. If you’re in the dallas, tx area, you can go online to dallascounty.com and get some info. Any is better than none

I have spent the last few months researching and testing criminal record services for an online consumer review site (http://www.CompleteReviews.net ) and I can tell you that there are no free services for criminal background checks. These companies spend a ton of money just to access the information let alone the cost of setting up the sites and paying employees…

The closest you will get to “free” is to find a site that is offering a low introductory rate. I can tell you about one that will let you run unlimited background checks (which includes criminal records) on as many people as you want for 4 days. The cost is $4.95 which is pretty close to free. If you want to access this service you can read more about it here… http://www.completereviews.net/unlimitedsearch.html

Good luck!

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