Texas Free Background Check

Texas free background check
Is there anywhere that I can to check out my own background?

i need to see if there is a place, for free, that i can go to find out if there is any negative info my BG check. i know that i have a warrant in another state but i dont know if that is preventing me from getting a job where i am now. my warrant is in texas and i am not in texas anymore. is there a way that i can find out if that is showing up on my BG check? or a court website that i can go to that will check for texas records? all for free?

I do research and testing for an online consumer review site currently focusing on public record search sites. I have not seen anything for free in 3 months of research. The closest I have found is a site that has a 3 day unlimited access special of $4.95. As long as you cancel before the 3 days is up, you don’t pay anything extra. You can then run a background check on yourself (and anyone else you want while your at it). If you want to check it out, go to http://www.CompleteReviews.net/unlimitedsearch.html .

Good Luck!

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