Texas Death Certificate

Texas death certificate
The adoption of my niece, after the death of his mother?

This is the situation, my older sister committed suicide and left survived by his daughter, my niece. The family has already talked and we decided that it should be supported by my husband and I are currently unable to care for her so we agreed that my parents are worried about it until my husband and I are able to do so. I live in California and the rest of my family is from Texas. We plan to go to court tomorrow to see me to sign as its legal representative, with the temporary custody goes to my parents. We do not want to go through two adoptions so that my parents will not be adopted. If I there are special documents you need and if my husband should be at the courthouse with me. He's back in Cali right now. The need for justice death certificate my sister? Not yet available. Oh, and I'm flying back to Cali on Thursday.

Get the death certificate. Contact Contact an attorney who will take care of the paperwork. The lawyer can advise you on what to do to guardianship and adoption. Since the death certificate yet ready to go forward and to contact a lawyer that way you can get things started. Do you want the lawyer to handle all the paperwork for you to know everything is legal

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