Texas County Clerk Records

Texas county clerk records
I was arrested 24 years ago and it still haunts me, HELP!?

I live in Texas and had a conviction for theft (18 and stupid). Received 7 years probation, I asked the clerk of the county if I could be erased, and said he can not. I am a citizen of the Act land / owner and the taxpayer. I can not obtain a permit from the state in many areas of work because of this record, real estate, the struggle pest control, insurance, land surveyor locksmith, to name a few. Ah, yes, most trucking companies will not hire someone. What I can do to erase that from my record? It seems that society forgives us for the most part, but the condition of the paint a scarlet letter on her for life.

Talk with a lawyer about the "Texas law non-disclosure of" not clear, but after 5 years what kind of seal of registration. I'm not exactly how, but everything is there in Texas. Good luck

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