Texas Background Checks Records

Texas background checks records
Background checks on minors? NEED HELP?

I've just been hired at a grocery store (Albertsons). Before Let me start working for a background check and got a few loads when I was 14 (now 17), although no of them seriously. I said the boy had no history, but I fear that the charges will come and I will not be hired. I thought that nobody but the police can view the logs juvinile but will not see, then you should be able to access right? I live in Texas

Juvenile records are closed only if you request it and give the court discretion to seal or a person of the court. It is necessary to review the policies in your area. It's an urban myth that juvenile delinquency are not on checks background. They can and do. ————— Http: / / community.lawyers.com/forums/t/85300.aspx Texas juvenile records are sealed. Read this:? Http: / / www.tyc.state.tx.us / programs / parentguide_records.html "Who would have access to juvenile records Although the files of minors and files are generally confidential, there are some important exceptions. A child record can be accessed by police, sheriffs, prosecutors, probation officers, correctional officers and other criminal justice and child in this state and elsewhere. In addition, registration may be available to employers, educational institutions, regulatory bodies and other organizations when the person applies to employment or educational programs. "His juvenile records can not automatically obtain a" restricted ". When they reach the age of 21 (read the link I left) he said: "A time when the records are restricted access, you can legally answer" No "when the application a license application for employment, education or employment question "Have you ever been arrested, convicted or sentenced for a crime?

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