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Divorce problem?

I married a man who cheated on me two weeks after we were married, then proceeded to continue to search for other women for casual affairs. He gave no sign before our marriage that this would be a problem.. I wanted to simply end it right away, but the state of Texas makes it extremely difficult to get an annullment so I filed a petition for divorce. But, I gave in to family pressure and went to counseling with 2 counselors–a marriage and family counselor and a psychiatrist. Both stated that my husband has serious issues going back to his childhood and it would likely take a LOT of counseling to make him “better”, but the psychiatrist even doubted that he would stop his behavior considering his age-39 I am not perfect but I never did anything to bring any of this on, so I do not want to be married to him anymore. He, however, refuses to accept this and is threatening to file a response to my divorce petition. That would delay our divorce at least a month or so. How can I stop him

It can be very difficult to obtain a quick divorce if you are still sharing a home….

If you are legally separated, after such a short marriage, I very much doubt his response to your petition has any legs to stand on…

unless you have already accumulated properties with your ex-to-be, which require a settlement agreement… That can get yucky.

It all seems like a common issue. I’m sure a counselor or attorney will know exactly what you will need to do, and the advice is usually free.

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