Texas Criminal Records Background Check

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im a minor. I applied at kroger. will my background show up?

Last year I was with my friend and she convinced me to shoplift. we got caught, went to court and I pleaded no contest. I had to do 10 hours of community service, and an extra 18 to get it off my record. well I did. well when I applied for my job, my mom told me that since it is suppose to be off my record, put that I had no no criminal record, so I did. well this morning when I went in for my interview, my mom brought it up as we were leaving and the woman told me that I probably should have put that I had one cuz now if something shows up on the background check, then I failed It and cant work there. Well, by me pleading no contest and doing the extra work, and also by being a minor, will something show up??
I live in texas btw

If the courts said it would be “off your record,” then your mom was right the first time, and it would imply that you have “no criminal record.”

Ask your mom why she reconsidered her opinion. (And ask her why on earth she would have mentioned it to the interviewer, unless she did not want you to get the job, grrr.) Moms usually have good reasons. 🙂

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