Texas Site Records

Texas site records
I need help. Give me a great website to make sure my computer is not slow if I'm in your. and fans of Texas?

Now that I recorded Smackdown and ECW give me a site where you can see the result of ECW and Smackdown results after Tuesday. Smackdown ECW also said Tuesday night, so I want a website to get results on Wednesday. WWE gives the result of ECW on Tuesday after 12 and Friday Smackdown 23 hours I need ur help to find a better site page without WWE.com. If the web page slows down the computer, then email me the result every time when u know, just give me the result of Smackdown only, as if something special happened, I do not need to see RAW on Monday. I need ur help please. I need 14 major responses, we will receive 10 points. If you have myspace myspace.com/112476660 add me. If a girl from the age of 18 or 19 years here, I should add a girl to talk to. Lol. What is the postal code Let me know Texas, San Antonio will be fine. So please help me, thank you, love u all. Goodbye

I can help with the search http://www.lordsofpain.net girl, sorry.

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