Texas Marriage Divorce Records

Texas marriage divorce records
Common Law Marriage In Texas & Taxes — Help!!?

I live in TX which recognizes common law marriage. I was common law married to my husband (lets say husband #1) for 5 years when I met some other guy who I unfortunately had a fling with…

The new guy told me my marriage wouldnt matter if husband #1 didnt know because of a 2 year statute of limitations, and he convinced me to marry HIM “formally”. Now, #2 didnt work out. We only “married” for 2 months and split up (fling). Now I am back living with #1, and #2 is filing for a formal divorce. And from a legal standpoint I beleive Im still common law married to #1 (with whom i currently reside) and I dont know what to do…

and just for the record, my common law marriage to #1 can be proved from witnesses, 5 years or IRS tax records (as married), joint accounts, etc.

my total time seperated from #1 was ONLY one year, which means the statute of limitations didnt lapse either. Now, should i file my taxes this year as married to #1? What about this divorce from #2?


Just get an annulment and get it because you were told that #1 is your legal spouse.Ignorance is not excepted by the law.Get an annulment NOW.

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