Texas Legal Records

Texas legal records
is the recording of a phone to someone without knowing them legal in Texas?

Texas Penal Code § 16.02: Although a wire, oral or electronic communication – including the radio part of a wireless telephone call – not registered for criminal or illegal, any party to the communication, or has the consent of a party, can lawfully record the communication and to know its contents. Under this law, consent is not required for registration of an electronic communication is not made by a person who has no reasonable expectation of privacy in that communication. See definition of "oral communication" of the Texas Code Crim. Pro Arte. 18.20. The illicit recording a conversation, or disclosure of its contents with reason to know, illegal interception, is a crime punishable by two to 20 years in prison and a fine not exceeding $ 10 000. Texas Penal Code § 12.33. A cause of action is expressly authorized by the civil unlawful interception or disclosure. Texas, Civ practices. And Rem. Code § 123 002. The plaintiff is entitled to $ 10 000 for each case, actual damages of over $ 10,000, punitive damages and fees lawyers and costs. Texas, Civ practices. And Rem. Code § 123 004.

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