Texas Arrest Record Check

Texas arrest record check
Can you please tell me what they look for in the background check for nursing?

Okay…I am looking to apply for nursing school…I have my pre req’s and all but right now I am on felony deferred adjudicated probation for a failure to appear in court in Texas. Now once I complete my probation it will supposedly only show on my record that I was arrested and never convicted…they gave me 5 years and now I am down to a year left. The DA knew when he put me on probation that I wanted to go to nursing school and he said that this would not hurt me, I would just have to wait until I was done with probation to apply for school. Well now that I am getting close to being done I am very nervous about if I will be accepted or not. This is the only trouble I have been in as an adult and I am so worried that this will hurt my chances!!! Does anyone know???

The Da told you to wait until you were through with probation, if you have finished it then there would not be a problem but if you have not it will show on a background check, however if drugs were not involved in the original complaint it may not present a problem for you.~

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