Texas Personal Background Check

Texas personal background check
class c misdemeanor, shoplifting, background checks, in texas?

I received a citation for shoplifting , under $50 dollars. I was not arrested, just given the citation and told to appear in court. Should I plea guilty or no contest? I know this will show up on my criminal record for the rest of my life. What I am most concerned about is that I am attending college to become a teacher and they require background checks. Does texas post this on a criminal background? I know it will on my personal record but what about when jobs do back ground checks? What is the best way to go about this? I have never been in trouble with the law, should i hire an attorney? If you have been in the situation please explain your experience also. Please and thank you.
please no sarcastic or judgmental answers, if your not here to help don’t bother.
How can I ask for Deferred Adjudication and exactly what is that?
Deferred Disposition Compared to Deferred Adjudication?? Please please help.

You can plead no contest and it would not be an admission of guilt but an acknowledgment that the state has enough evidence to convict, when you talk to the State attorney suggest a plea of no contest for a deferred adjudication and after you complete your sentence you will not have a record, if the attorney is not in agreement then ask the judge when you are in front of him/her.

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