Texas Online Court Records

Texas online court records
Quick question, i sent off for my drivers record (texas) abotu a month ago..but i just now took the?

Defensive driving course…to dismiss a ticket does the court just want to see the driving record….or should i have sent off for the driving record after doing this online defensive driving course?

When I requested to take the defensive driving course that is when the court told me I had to send off for my driving record. I did, it only took about 4 days to receive it in the mail. The court had me show proof of the driving record before I was allowed to take the course. That is how they determined if I was eligible. To take the course I had to show proof of insurance & the record to show that I had not taken the course in the previous 12 months. You have to meet other criteria as well – has to be less than 25 mph over speed limit, and you cannot have a CDL license either (I think) you can only have one ticket dismissed a year too. As part of the dismissal you are agreeing to not get another ticket for I believe one year. If you do, I think (???) that the original ticket will go back on your record. You are allowed so many days ( 60 -90 ) I believe to complete the course, you then return to court to show completion of the course.

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