Texas Courthouse Records

Texas courthouse records
I recently got a divorce in Oct 2008 and I haven’t received a divorce decree, does this mean I’m still married?

I live in Texas and when we went to court in October they told me how much child support I had to pay and the judge granted the divorce but I never received the decree. I called the courthouse and they have no record of my divorce and my ex wife’s lawyer won’t talk to me. Am I still married?
All these answers are great but after our court date in October 2008 the judge did grant the divorce but I never signed anything and I called the courthouse and they have no record on file.

Even when a divorce is granted by a judge, it takes time for the final decree to be issued. If you have an attorney, call him/her and find out how long it takes to receive your final decree. If you don’t have an attorney, call your courthouse and someone there should be able to answer your question. In my county, we call our prothonotary office.

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