Texas Law School Criminal Record

Texas law school criminal record
Child Care Law in Texas?

My sister is 15 and is having a hard time living with my father. It is very unfortunate. He never at home, and often leaves my care. The only reason she is staying with him because he likes school she attends. My mother lives in another town and city schools are horrible. The courts of Texas is that my sister to choose to live with me? I'm 26, married, I have a house and a son ….. so I'm a stable person (no arrests, criminal records, etc.). I know that a child that 12 + can choose which parent he / she wants to live with. Is it legal allows me to choose? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

In fact, the rule is a 12 year old who has an opinion on who must live with is considered … not only get to choose … and have no real right to it … try to talk to Dad and see if you agree.

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