Texas District Court Records

Texas district court records
Can a public school must recognize a legal change of name and change the records, if requested in Tx?

I a court order to change name and all other files have been changed for years. The public school attended by refusing to recognize the name change and said he did not have to modify records because the command does not require the school district to modify recordings. Is it legal in Texas? The court order of name change also has a clause records are sealed so no previous name can connect to me and said.

I doubt there is a law that requires a school to change the previous recordings. This seems to be a process tedious that you request. You have to look at things from their point of view. Would be unduly onerous to require a public school, whose staff is probably already limited due to budget cuts, to change its old records for each name change possible. Of course, your school records in the future should have your new name. Would ensure that only previous records with its old name is correctly linked to their new records, if you need to recover in the future.

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