Texas Court Arrest

Texas court arrest
How can I remove an arrest warrant without the need for myself?

I was arrested for prostitution, is pick up a prostitute and was released on bail. I'm not appear in court in Texas issued an arrest warrant. I do not really want not use a lawyer appointed by the court, but then I can not pay my own lawyer. Im in this country illegally and I honestly fear of being expelled, what can I do?

Is most likely to be deported if caught so its best to leave the country and stay or just continue what you do with the hope that has not stopped. ICE deport people for minor offenses and that I would almost bet that would be crime. So what it's worth? If not, I would say an illegal hiring a lawyer in Texas and could take care of everything for you by e-mail and never have to appear in court personally. You can always try this approach and see what happens, at least what would happen is that you want to appear in person, and just not go.

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