Texas County Death Records

Texas county death records
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My grandfather James Patrick McGee was born in 1891 in Jersey City New Jersey, but he was an orphan and came to Texas, Wise County on an orphan train. In 1922 his wife died young and left my grandfather and his sister with their families and never returned. It is in the 1930 census in Olney, Texas, but have not been able to find a death certificate or a grave for him there. I am running out of ideas until the 1940 census out. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you Wendy C. for their help. It's really fun I was looking for him for nearly twenty years, and I was all Web imaginable, but just after I posted this and FamilySearch found his card project World War 2 with your address and the name of a woman seems to be his second wife! I found it! Now just to locate his grave.

Warning: Not sure if you ask about the location of the tomb of his grandfather, gg, James Patrick McGee, and the grave of his grandfather, who stayed with his sister with his family after his mother died in 1922. One way you can begin to find where is your GG Grandfather died and was buried, perhaps (or if you are looking for the grave of his grandfather), try to seek freedom index Social Security Death: Joseph McGee http://ssdi.rootsweb.ancestry.com There are 7 people born in 1891 contained in the death rate of the SS. You will have to determine which of them could be "yours." Of course, if Joseph Patrick McGee never requested a social security number will not be in the index Death SS. If you find an entry SS death index you may think his grandfather and great grandfather or gg is, you have an idea of ??where He could have died – well, where he lived and received SS benefits before his death. In addition, you will have a day of death. Once you know where he could have lived (and may be dead), you can get an idea where he was buried. You can then try to see if a volunteer entered your information on the FindAGrave.com Serious http://www.findagrave.com If it does not help you with FindAGrave.com at least you can find a list of cemeteries in the county where he lived the last time. There may be a genealogical organization in the province of interest, where volunteers offer to perform "up look". You can find a list of organizations here: http://www.usgenweb.org/ is also the main public library in the area where they believe they last lived (And possibly death) to see if the index of local obituaries and newspapers if a obituary for him. You must have an idea of the date of his death, which is why we started with the control of the Skull of the SS index. I'm sure others here can answer more advice. See below a link to find the public library in the area who might be interested. Librarians – Ask us, we answer! Find your local public library, in: http://www.publiclibraries.com/ Find your college / university library: Best http://lists.webjunction.org/libweb/Academic_main.html wishes

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